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About Patient & Family Advisors

Our patient and family advisors come from across Ontario. They represent a diverse range of ages, backgrounds and experiences with the kidney care system. Advisors can be patients receiving kidney care, or their family members or caregivers.

Volunteer advisors work with our staff and provide direct input into the design, delivery and evaluation of policies, programs and initiatives that affect patient care. By sharing their unique perspectives, advisors help us improve the lives of people living with chronic kidney disease, their families and caregivers, and the kidney care system.

How Advisors Contribute

If you join our group of patient and family advisors, you may be asked to contribute by:

  • joining a provincial committee, working group or focus group
  • joining the Patient and Family Advisory Council
  • taking on one-time activities, such as speaking to people about living with kidney disease or reviewing patient education materials

Most meetings take place over the phone so we can accommodate patient and family advisors from across Ontario.

Patient and Family Advisory Council

This council provides a forum for patients, family members and caregivers to advise us on the initiatives outlined in the Ontario Renal Plan. Council members share their experiences of living or caring for loved ones with chronic kidney disease so their perspectives will be represented in Ontario’s kidney care system.

Responsibilities of Patient and Family Advisors

As an advisor, you would be responsible for:

  • signing privacy, consent and non-disclosure documents
  • actively participating in all meetings of the committees or groups you are a part of
  • engaging in discussions through email or by joining teleconferences
  • participating in evaluations of the patient engagement process to help improve the program
  • reviewing documents sent to you in a timely manner
  • maintaining confidentiality outside committee or group meetings

Apply to be an Advisor

If you are interested in becoming a patient and family advisor or joining the Patient and Family Advisory Council, please email us.