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About the Data

The data we hold is used for system planning, quality improvement and regional performance management.

All dialysis providers in Ontario submit activity data on multi-care kidney clinics, acute dialysis and chronic dialysis through the Ontario Renal Reporting System. By capturing comparable data across providers, we can identify opportunities to improve system quality, performance and planning, and know how best to allocate funding.

To learn more about the Ontario Renal Reporting System, and find information about data submission timelines, data lifecycle and data quality, go to Submitting Data.

We Use Data from Many Sources

In addition to the Ontario Renal Reporting System, we also use data from other administrative databases for efficiency and economy. These include but are not limited to:

  • Wait Time Information System (WTIS)
  • National Ambulatory Care Reporting System (NACRS)
  • Discharge Abstract Database (DAD)
  • Ontario Laboratory Information System (OLIS)
  • Trillium Organ and Tissue Allocation System (TOTAL)
  • Home Care Database (HCD)
  • Ontario Health Insurance Plan Billing Database

In the future, we may pilot other data collection methods with the Regional Renal Programs to support new clinical, quality or funding initiatives within the kidney care system. These projects will provide valuable insights to help us develop policies and practices aligned with our strategy.