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About Dialysis

Dialysis is a way of cleaning your blood when your kidneys can no longer do the job. It gets rid of your body's wastes, such as extra salt and water, and helps control your blood pressure. More than 11,000 people in Ontario are receiving dialysis as a renal replacement are 2 main types of dialysis:

  • Hemodialysis – Blood is filtered through a machine to remove waste and toxins. The cleaned blood is then returned into the bloodstream.
  • Peritoneal dialysis – The inside lining of your belly acts as a natural filter. Wastes are taken out by a cleansing fluid called dialysate.

Where to Get Dialysis

Hospital-based hemodialysis – Dialysis done in a hospital.

Community-based hemodialysis – Dialysis done outside the hospital, such as in a clinic, office building or shopping plaza.

Home dialysis – Dialysis done at your home. To learn more, including the types of home dialysis and benefits, go to About Home Dialysis.

Long-term care homes – Selected long-term care homes across the province offer dialysis services for their residents.