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Drug Protocols and Recommendations

These resources provide information on managing immunosuppressant therapy for patients with glomerulonephritis (GN). They describe considerations and recommendations on administration of immunosuppressant therapy based on clinical expertise and best practices in Ontario.

Rituximab Protocol for Adult Patients with Glomerulonephritis

Considerations for Immunization for Adult Patients with Glomerulonephritis

PCP Prophylaxis Recommendations: For adult glomerulonephritis patients

Immunization Templates for Clinics

Healthcare providers can adapt these templates for use in their glomerulonephritis clinics.

Immunization Recommendations - Used to recommend vaccines to be administered at the family physician’s office.

Notification of Vaccine Administration - Used to inform a patient’s family physician that vaccinations were administered at a glomerulonephritis clinic.

Prescription Handout - Used to assist in prescribing common vaccines for patients with glomerulonephritis.

Patient Handout - Provides helpful information on recommended vaccinations for patients with glomerulonephritis.