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Cyclosporine (Neoral®)

Find drug coverage information and forms for cyclosporine, by funding source.

Note: public and private drug plans may require the patient to make out of pocket payments in the form of co-payments and/or deductibles.

What type of drug coverage does the patient have?

Private Insurance

  • Patients with private insurance may be able to obtain full or partial drug coverage depending on their plan.
  • Prescribers should provide patients with the product name and drug identification numbers for cyclosporine to explore coverage through their private insurer. (See our Open list of Drug Identification Numbers for a list of cyclosporine products.)
  • Assist patients with completing any special authorization forms (if required).

Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) and OHIP+

  • Check to see if your patient qualifies for benefits under the Ontario Drug Benefit program. If not, enrol the patient in the Trillium Drug Program.
  • Cyclosporine is listed under the Ontario Drug Benefit program as a “general benefit” (i.e., the patient does not need to meet any clinical criteria to qualify for coverage).

Trillium Drug Program (TDP)

  • The Trillium Drug Program (TDP) helps patients pay for prescription drugs covered under the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) formulary, Exceptional Access Program, and Compassionate Review Policy.
  • Patients who do not qualify under other categories for ODB benefits should enrol into TDP (if not already enrolled).
  • Cyclosporine is covered by ODB as a general benefit.
  • Complete Exceptional Access Program (EAP) form (see sidebar for form).

Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Program

The Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program is a federal program that provides eligible First Nations and Inuit clients with coverage for a range of health services including prescription drugs.

  • Cyclosporine is listed as an “open benefit” on the NHIB formulary.

For more information on NIHB and drug coverage eligibility, see

NIHB’s Guide for Pharmacy Benefits.

NIHB’s Drug Benefit List

Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP)

  • The Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) provides temporary coverage of healthcare benefits including prescription drug coverage to refugees, refugee claimants and certain other groups who are not eligible for provincial or territorial health insurance (e.g., OHIP).
  • The IFHP provides coverage for prescription medications for medications listed on provincial/territorial public drug plans. In Ontario, the IFHP pays for medications listed on Ontario Drug Benefit formulary.
  • Health care providers who would like to work with patients covered by IFHP (e.g., pharmacists checking drug coverage eligibility) must register to be an IFHP provider (See IFHP information for professionals).
    If you need a product name and/or DIN for cyclosporine, see our Open list of Drug Identification Numbers.

For more information on current eligibility criteria and application processes, please visit IFHP’s website.

No Medication Coverage

  • Option to pay cash for medication or enroll into the Trillium Drug Program (TDP) to qualify for benefits under the Ontario Drug Benefit program (see ODB/OHIP+ section above).

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