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Out-of-Country Hemodialysis Reimbursement Program

The Out-of-Country Hemodialysis Reimbursement Program is available to Ontario patients who have hemodialysis treatments at a facility while travelling outside of Canada. It helps offset the costs of these treatments.

The program is effective as of January 1, 2020. It is funded by the Government of Ontario and all funds go towards reimbursing patients.

This page contains everything you need to know to apply for reimbursement for hemodialysis treatments you received on or after January 1, 2020 while travelling outside of Canada.

Who is Eligible

You are eligible if you meet all of these conditions:

  • You live in Ontario, and have a valid OHIP card.
  • You have received hemodialysis treatments while outside of the country on or after January 1, 2020.
  • The cost of your treatment was not covered by insurance.
  • You submit your Out-of-Country Hemodialysis Claim Submission Form and original receipts within 1 year of treatment.

Submit a Claim

Simply follow these steps to be reimbursed for the cost of hemodialysis treatments you received outside of Canada on or after January 1, 2020:

  1. Gather your receipts and make copies for your records.
  2. Download and print or save Out-of-Country Hemodialysis Claim Submission Form.
  3. Complete the form, either by hand or by filling out the saved copy. Do not fill it out in the browser.
  4. If it is your first time submitting an out-of-country hemodialysis claim to Ontario Health, you will need to complete page 3 of the form as well.
  5. Submit the completed form(s) with original receipts by mail to:

Out-of-Country Hemodialysis Claims
Ontario Health
525 University Avenue, 5th Floor 
Toronto, Ontario 
Canada  M5G 2L3

Please see the first page of the Out-of-Country Hemodialysis Claim Submission Form for more details.

Before you finish your claim:

Payment Amount and Timing

You can expect to receive your reimbursement within 6 to 8 weeks after we receive your claim.

You will receive the Canadian dollar equivalent of what you paid for each treatment, up to a maximum of $210 Canadian dollars per treatment. There is no maximum number of treatments for which you can submit a claim.

Payment Methods

Cheque or e-transfer

You may choose to be reimbursed by cheque or electronic funds transfer (e-transfer). In either case, the first time you submit your claims form to Ontario Health, you will need to also complete the top portion of the third page of the form.

E-transfer is typically faster. To choose e-transfer, be sure to complete the bottom section of the third page of the form as well.

You only need to complete the third page of the form the first time you submit a claim or if your payment information changes.

If you do not choose e-transfer, we will mail you a cheque.

Kidney Foundation of Canada Travel Loan repayment

If you have received a loan to pay for out-of-country hemodialysis from the Kidney Foundation of Canada, you may authorize Ontario Health to direct your reimbursements to the Kidney Foundation of Canada. To do this, simply fill out the section of the claims form titled “Authorization of Direction to Pay the Kidney Foundation of Canada for repayment of a Travel Loan.” We will then pay any eligible reimbursements directly to the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

You are responsible to pay for any portion of the loan not covered by reimbursement.

Treatments Before January 1, 2020          

If you received any hemodialysis treatments before January 1, 2020, you may submit claims for these treatments through the Ministry of Health claims process. Visit the Ontario Central Forms Repository to download the form.

If your trip included treatments both before and after January 1, 2020, you will need to submit 2 separate claims:

  • For treatments received before January 1, 2020 send claims to the Ministry of Health.
  • For treatments received on or after January 1, 2020 send claims to Ontario Health.

Foreign Currency or Language          

If your receipts are in a foreign currency, we will convert the amounts into Canadian dollars for the purpose of assessing your claim. We will use the Bank of Canada exchange rates for the dates of treatment to convert foreign currency to Canadian dollars.

We accept receipts in English or French. If your receipts are in another language, you will need to translate these into English or French. If the total amount of your claim is greater than $1,000, you will need to certify this translation.


If you have any questions not answered here, contact us online, or call us toll-free at 1-855-460-2647.