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Conservative Renal Care Tools

These resources support healthcare providers and patients in understanding conservative renal care and the delivery of this care for people with end-stage kidney disease in Ontario.

Resources for Healthcare Providers

Key Elements of Conservative Renal Care – A comprehensive document that defines conservative renal care and the key elements in the delivery of this care.

Conservative Renal Care: Resource for Healthcare Providers – Equips healthcare providers with approaches for having conservative renal care conversations.

Resources to Share with Patients

These resources supplement the education and materials that patients and their caregivers receive from their clinic staff.

Conservative Renal Care - What Can I Expect? – Provides information about conservative renal care for people with end-stage kidney disease and their substitute decision-makers, families and caregivers.

Note Template: Conservative Renal Care: Important Contacts & Action Plan – Used by people to keep track of important information about their conservative renal care, including contacts and action plans.