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Regional Performance Management

We measure and monitor the performance of Regional Renal Programs based on key performance indicators reflecting our strategic objectives outlined in the Ontario Renal Plan. We do this in collaboration with provincial and regional program and clinical leadership. This helps make sure all Ontarians receive consistent, high-quality kidney care no matter where they live. It also keeps the system accountable and improves performance.

Scorecards Track Our Progress

We use the data we collect from around the province to create a quarterly program scorecard for each Regional Renal Program. The program scorecard reports current and historical performance to show changes over time. It also reports the program’s performance in relation to our annual provincial-level and program-level targets. These targets are set in consultation with clinical and administrative experts from the Ontario Renal Network.

The program scorecard drives our quality improvement discussions with the programs.

We also produce a provincial scorecard to track how the renal system is progressing against the Ontario Renal Plan goals at a provincial level.

Regular Performance Reviews Identify Areas for Improvement

The regional and provincial performance data is regularly reviewed and discussed with Regional Renal Programs at quarterly performance review meetings. At these meetings, we identify areas for improvement and share best practices and lessons learned among Regional Renal Programs in Ontario.

This process is in line with CCO’s standardized performance management process, which makes sure we are working collaboratively with Regional Renal Programs to manage and improve their performance.